Group Workshops (Artist and Project-Development)

Heather facilitates remote and in-person fiction and nonfiction workshops where she focuses as much on craft as the artistic development of the individual writer. In this purposeful, practical weekly intensive, she helps writers explore in their own works elements like voice, point of view, narrative drive, plotting, theme, purpose, characterization, dialogue, description, reflection, tone, pacing, setting, scene, conflict, chapter development, language, and the all-important emotion of the work. Customizing feedback for each writer's needs, she offers motivating and inspiring tips to help writers craft their best work.  

Note: In-person fiction and nonfiction classes have been switched to remote for the time being. 

Tuesdays 7:00- 9:00 pm. Remote group workshop by invitation.

Thursdays 7:00- 9:00 pm. Remote group workshop by invitation.

Saturdays 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. Remote group remote workshop by invitation.  

Individual Coaching, Book Incubation, Developmental Editing

For those seeking to work one-on-one, Heather offers remote guidance and developmental editing, helping writers see their fiction and nonfiction works through from conceptualization to completion.

- Book Conceptualization 

- Book Development and Incubation

- Developmental Editing

- Pre-publication Planning

College Admissions Essays

Heather enjoys helping college students with their academic works, as well as mentoring high school students to write winning college entrance essays. She sees the college admissions essay as a mini-memoir of sorts, offering admissions boards a chance to see the personality and person behind the application. Many of her students have gone on to prestigious Universities, like The University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and Columbia. Versed in various disciplines, Heather teaches at a local university writing center, and runs college admissions essay bootcamps for local high schools, colleges, and privately.   

Upcoming Course:

March/2020, Remote Group Workshop: College Admissions Essay Bootcamp


Heather can help you craft a unique crowd-pleasing speech for your upcoming event. She will work one-on-one with you to brainstorm ideas, find your voice, and create your message, be it humorous, heartfelt, poignant, or a combination of these. She will then help you outline and develop your content, making this a personalized speech only you can deliver.    

- weddings

- bar and bat mitzvahs

- sweet 16's

- eulogies

- birthday celebrations

- retirement

- keynote speeches

Resume and Personal Content

1. Resume Writing:

Heather offers help starting from scratch or revising content for an existing resume to make sure your message is clear, your accomplishments are in the right order, and the narrative arc of your experience shines though. In addition, she can assist with the following: 

- cover letters

- personal statements

Small Business Content

1. Content: 

As a former small business owner, Heather understands the need for a original content that tells a story. She has worked with spas, hair salons, eateries, cafe's, coffeeshops, yoga studios, juice bars, supermarkets, design firms, and real estate firms to create compelling, original content. She can help with the following: 

- website content

- social media 

- blogs

- menus

- signage

- business narrative

- branding

- company missions

- employee bios

- press releases

- advertising copy

Email Heather to set up a complimentary call. 


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Emily Fatscher, High Point University

“Thank you for all your input on my college essay. I am thrilled with the final results.”

Lisa Barshay MSW graduate, University of Tampa

“Heather has provided insight that has guided me to become a better writer and given me the confidence in my skills. She is knowledgeable, honest and a master of her craft. I am proud to call her my mentor.”

“Heather, I cannot thank you enough, I was nervous sending you my work, but I really needed to hear your critique. It helped tremendously.”

“Heather, thank you for being so proactive with the students.”

“Heather pays attention to each individual student. She is one of the best writing teachers I’ve had in a long time.”

R.B., Freelance Writer

Cara Ryan, St. Joseph's College

Diana Fiara Creative Writing Student

Linda Krummenacker, creative writing student

"I have taken two seasons of Heather's writing workshops, and have to say that after the last workshop a week ago, I will miss seeing everyone and experiencing their stories.  I feel that I know more about the people in my group than I know about people I have known my whole life!  We all grew with each other as did our knowledge of writing.  I look back at a story I wrote five edits ago, and cannot thank Heather enough for helping me through each edit. I wasn't always happy with her comments, but she tells it like it is.  Thank you Heather!  I am so looking forward to your next workshop.”

Paula Camacho, creative writing student

“Heather Siegel is great teacher of creative writing.  During critiques of our work she gives constructive criticism that makes me stop and think about what is missing from my stories. I have been able to revise them based on her comments and realize how much better they work. Her critique of other writer’s stories also makes me aware of writing techniques I would not have thought of.”

Crissy Maier, creative writing student 

“Heather taught our class both basic fundamentals of writing, and also helped each member of the class develop their own writing within their own styles. It was a pleasure to see each person grow and to see how much I could develop my own writing skills.”

Regina Chile, creative writing student 

"I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Heather’s class and look forward to taking it again.  Her critiques get you to dig deep within yourself, to become a better writer.  I particularly like that Heather is so in tune with your writing style and that she will recommend an author that she feels you would enjoy reading.  I definitely feel that since taking her class, that I can appreciate the hard work that it takes to become better a better writer."

Terryl Donovan, creative writing student 

"This workshop is an opportunity to get meaningful feedback on a writing project and go through the re-writing process that it necessary to produce your best work. I have taken many workshops, and find Heather one of the best coaches I’ve experienced. This is a workshop for serious and aspiring writers."

Jordan Bryan, Cornell University

“Thank you so much for all your help Heather. You've helped me so much to create an essay that I never could've created completely by myself. The program was great, and I hope that you continue doing it to help other students as much as you helped me!”--

Sallyann Mayer, Creative Writing Student

“Heather is informative and extremely helpful with her advice. She gives polite constructive criticism with positive feedback.”

Academic Student

Today Heather opened my world to Themes. I was really confused but through her questions, I was able to get valuable information that otherwise I would not have seen. 

H.G., YA Novelist

“This was very hard work. Thank you for pushing me.”

Academic Student

Heather is amazing and sweet, very patient and understanding! 

Sharon Brickell, creative writing student

I have been in Heather's workshop a little over a year now and this is what I know. If you have an idea, Heather will help you turn it into a fully developed story, article or essay beyond what you ever thought possible! She is extraordinarily creative, supportive, encouraging and hugely knowledgeable about the craft of writing. If you have ever dreamed of being a writer and are willing to put the hard work in, this is the class for you.

So happy that I am taking this class! It has been a wonderful, supportive group with a very insightful teacher! I would highly recommend it to anybody who wants to express their creative voice via the pen! Thank you!

Wendy Garfield, creative writing student