I have met many writers who like to keep their secrets close to the vest. That’s not me. I am a cards-on-the-table type of teacher. A sharer of ideas

I particularly like to help writers develop their stories as well as figure out their audience and marketing hook— which, in my opinion saves years of strife if writers find it sooner than later. 

I have worked with memoirists, YA novelists, middle-grade novelists, literary fiction writers, essayists, humor writers, horror writers, and fantasy novelists. 

I offer virtual group workshops and tailor-made one-on-one workshops for those getting started or with works-in-progress, as well as developmental editing for those with completed first drafts. 

In addition, I run a College Admissions Essay Bootcamp for schools and individual students, calling upon my work as a University Writing Center Instructor, and my passion for stories in all forms.

I look forward to supporting your artistic goals and dreams.



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    Developmental Editing

    Editorial help for completed manuscripts, focusing on story-shaping, structure, plot, narrative drive, theme, and characterization.

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    Group Workshops

    Weekly workshop for artist and project development. (Virtual and in-person).

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    One on One Workshops

    Weekly motivation, guidance, and editorial feedback for works in progress. (Virtual)

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    College Admissions Essays

    Group bootcamps and one-on-one workshops designed to help students write their "mini-memoir." (Virtual)



"I look back at a story I wrote five edits ago, and cannot thank Heather enough for helping me through each edit. I wasn't always happy with her comments, but she tells it like it is.  Thank you Heather!" 

—  Paula Camacho, Workshop Student

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