I have been in Heather's workshop a little over a year now and this is what I know. If you have an idea, Heather will help you turn it into a fully developed story, article or essay beyond what you ever thought possible! She is extraordinarily creative, supportive, encouraging and hugely knowledgeable about the craft of writing. If you have ever dreamed of being a writer and are willing to put the hard work in, this is the class for you.-- Sharon Brickel


If you have a completed mansucript and are wondering what's next I can help you with the macro literary elements of your story's shape, narrative drive, chapter development, characterization, theme, tone, tension, scene work, description, and reflection. Through written feedback and a number of conference calls, I provide a detailed overview and specific, actionable advice to help you elevate the manuscript into a page-turning, compelling narrative.  Developmental editing is priced at .03-.05 cents a word depending on the project. 


If you are seeking weekly motivation, guidance, and editorial feedback and prefer to work one-on-one, I offer personalized remote workshops. You can submit up to 15 pages weekly for our weekly conference call, during which time I will provide detailed feedback to help you develop your chapters, maintain narrative drive and tension, and consider voice, point of view, theme, characterization, dialogue, description, reflection, tone, pacing, setting, scene, language, and the all-important emotion of the work. Personalized workshops are priced at $350 for 6 sessions.


If you're having trouble getting your idea into shape, I can help, whether its in creating an outline or treatment, or finding the right essay or story shape, so you can begin to get words on the page. I can also help with making opening choices about voice, setting, POV's, characterization, plot, theme, structure, and tone. The cost is $300 for 3 sessions, or $125 per individual session.


If you're all set and are seeking to find a home for your work, I can help with the following: elevator pitches, book proposals, synopses, back cover blurbs, querying agents and publishers, building a platform, attracting publicity, and everything else it takes to bring your work to market. The cost is $300 for 3 sessions, or $125 per individual session.


Email here to query for a project.