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"This workshop is an opportunity to get meaningful feedback on a writing project and go through the re-writing process that is necessary to produce your best work. I have taken many workshops, and find Heather one of the best coaches I’ve experienced. This is a workshop for serious and aspiring writers." -- Terryl Donovan


The CW Workshop is open to prose writers at all levels and in all genres and forms, including flash pieces, chapters, essays, short stories, letters and memoir.

In each group workshop, I work to identify your writing goals and to help you generate material. From there, I cover the elements of craft and help you incorporate these elements into your own writing. As part of this plan, you will produce weekly pages and bring them to the workshop for constructive critique. We may also read and analyze selected short stories and essays to consider how others handle craft and technique. 

Limited to five participants per class, this is an intensive, rewarding experience to help you grow as a writer and coax your work into publishable form. Offered remotely, the workshop runs for six weeks and is ongoing, as many writers choose to use the workshop as an incubator for their books. The cost is $300 for 6 sessions.

If you are interested in joining, email me at

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