"This course really helped me to better understand what makes an effective college essay.  Not only were a variety of strong examples provided to show what kinds of essays work, but I could also immerse myself in the hands-on process of writing a college essay in order to better understand what kind of essay is best for me, since every student is unique." -- Trisha Sinha


Join Heather in this 3-session, personalized workshop series to craft your college essay and become the ideal admissions candidate.

This bootcamp will help even the most tentative writer find a hook, craft a unique essay, and polish it to 650 words of perfection.

Session 1 will be a discussion of the current college essay prompts, and the sample essays provided (to be read in advance), followed by a brainstorming and pitch session. The writer will leave the session with an outline and clear direction for their essay, and will be expected to write a first draft within a week.

During the remaining 2 intensive sessions, the writer will Skype with Heather, working one-on-one to view and improve their essay interactively.  She will offer editorial feedback per draft, until the essay is in perfect shape. Please note: Heather will not write anyone's essay for them, but will inspire and guide each writer in crafting their own ideas and words into the ideal essay only they can write.  

The cost is $250 per writer for 3 editorial sessions. Each of these interactive editorial sessions is 30 minutes.

Heather also offers help with personal statements, supplemental essays, resumes and scholarship essays. The cost is $250 per 3 editorial sessions, or $95 for a single session. 


Group sessions are run the same as above, only extended into 5 sessions. The cost varies depending on the number of students enrolled.

Group organizers will receive a discounted rate.  Contact Heather for more information.